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My name is Evan Ruffell and I started this website in 2018 as an attempt to record all that Vancouver Island has to offer. It is a celebration of adventure and west coast life. Now I shoot adventure, nature, and local product photography all through British Columbia. 

My goal is to inspire viewers to go out and explore, or at very least help add an interesting detour to your next road trip. Founded on the belief that venturing into nature and growing to know your local area encourages balance, understanding, and responsibility. Often, the most outgoing people are also the ones who show the most compassion and put the most positivity into the world. If any of my images can encourage movement in that direction, this is a success.

I grew up on the island and am dedicated to discovering and photographing the joys of the pacific northwest. When not out taking adventure photos, I spend my time camping, crabbing, and scuba diving. On December 13th, 2017 I bought my first real camera (Sony a6500) and have been learning ever since.

Feel free to reach out and ask questions on any social media channel!

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